About Me

Based in Manchester but covering the North West, I have photographed all sorts of events parties and  conferences.

I  recently completed an Arts degree, after two decades in the IT industry, and realised my artistic practise included documentation, mainly photography, My subjects are people or artworks

I capture the moments that make events.  The moments that best reflect the time. In the best possible light, on occasion using the magic of photography.


Some practitioners, like wedding photographers, become a major part of the event, arranging people, moving them from place to place, capturing the traditional  pictures. Though at times, it is necessary, this special group may rarely meet, a particular guest must be captured…..instructing people is not my forte. I direct by inference rather than orders.


I am professional and discreet…there, but hardly noticed…..pleasant but unobtrusive. My subjects are more likely to look like stills from a film, than smiling at the camera. Though, of course, smiling at the camera, is how many like to be seen.

When I photograph a work of art, my interest is producing a good image of the art work. Representing the work the way it is. The image should be good, the art work should look good. If I was producing a photograph that was an artwork in its own light, I would photograph something else.

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